SecurityNeed of Ethical Hackers in Business
Ethical Hackers in Business

Need of Ethical Hackers in Business

What do you mean by Ethical Hacking?

A Cliché say, but important, ‘If you want to catch a thief, act like a thief.’ Similar thing is the ethical hacking. ETHICAL HACKING is the hacking activity performed by an individual or a company to detect the threats that may occur to the website of the company or the system of the company. 

It protects from the breaching and exploitation to the company or the firm and saves them from losing the data or the confidential of them. The information obtained from the ethical hacking can then be obtained for the security checks of the company’s website. this person who by passes the system security to check whether there is any there any threat to the system or the network is called ETHICAL HACKER. He is the highest paid security guard of your company.

How can you become an Ethical Hacker?

It’s quite simple but effort taking. Just have the following qualities in you:

  • Expressed (often written) permission to probe the network and attempt to identify potential security risks.
  • You respect the individual’s or company’s privacy.
  • You close out your work, not leaving anything open for you or someone else to exploit at a later time.
  • You let the software developer or hardware manufacturer know of any security vulnerabilities you locate in their software or hardware, if not already known by the company.

There are even courses available that certify you as an ETHICAL HACKER!

What is the need of Ethical Hackers for business?

A WHITE HAT is very much important to have in your business. There have been a constant malicious attacks on the industries and huge companies, incurring a tremendous amount of loss; monetary and credential.

So to be cautious from the threats, companies are ready at the door, loaded with weapons in form of WHITE HATS. Thus too combat cybercrime these companies hire WHITE HATS as they are:

1. Ethical hackers are proactive

They constantly search for vulnerabilities and prevent breaching activities on your system and this helps prevent a cyber attack before happening.

2. Ethical hackers are cost-effective

They are a cost effective precaution alternative when you compare the loss that may be incurred by the cyber attack on your system that may lead to thousands or millions of money

3. Ethical hackers know how malicious hackers think

They are the exact examples of the say, ‘to find a hacker act like a hacker.’ But the difference is that they are a certified one.

4. Ethical hackers can educate employees

Experienced ethical hackers know exactly what actions on the part of employees can create vulnerabilities, and can educate a business’s employees so that they know what to do and not to do when using company computing systems. An educated workforce can protect a business against attacks by preventing vulnerabilities before they happen.

5. Ethical hackers know the dark web

Many malicious hackers operate in the dark web, sharing scripts and communicating to plan cyber attacks where they can’t be detected in the usual ways. Ethical hackers have experience accessing and navigating the dark web, and may be able to find out about an attack before it even happens.

According to an article the cyber security is driving a huge number of students in to this field.

A Scottish organization has seen a severe increase of 30% in the  Cyber Security Field

Also there are certain companies who are going more towards the ethical hackers in order to save their customer’s data from the hackers.

One such company is the largest hotel chain,  OYO Rooms. 

The Northumbria Univesity’s students are trying to check the capability of the security of some selected IT companies by entering into their system by hacking the websites. 

Thus cyber security is a top concern for many businesses.

A cyber attack can interfere with profitability, expansion, or even the survival of many businesses. There are many things businesses can do to protect themselves against cyber attacks, and using an ethical hacker is one way to prevent cybercrimes from seriously or even irrevocably damaging a business and its operations. 

Hire a WHITE HAT and protect your business!


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