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How to Get Started in Game Development

Now the technology is changing and improving and in the gaming sector the happiest are the gamers as these technologies have given them a new perspective of playing. Yes the 3D games have been successfully started and have seen a massive boom. But even today people are not completely vanishing the 2D games from their lists. Both 2D and 3D games have their own pros and cons.

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Even the NOKIA 3211 had games in it and the latest smart phones support games. The differences cannot just be seen but even measured. You know these well graphics and animations kicks that zeal of your to play more games in the smart phones available and now you would feel those black and white games as too boring. So yes the animations, the sounds and the experiences matters. The more it has effects the more urge you will produce to play games. This is the exact similar work we do at Ora Infotech. We try to give you the best of the gaming. Click the link here to have a detailed look at our development platform in gaming and have a hand shake to share your gaming and turning it to a huge business:   Game Development with Ora Infotech

Difference In 2D and 3D Gaming


2D games permit linear movement. The player can move from around in the screen but the ultimate movement is from start point to end point. While in 3D games there is no restriction and the movements are free and explore the entire map or the world.


In 3D games you can explore a rich visual experience, while in 2D games the landscape is not focused.


Comparing to 3D game the controls are simple and easy in 2D games.

  • GOAL

In 2D games, the goal is normally just as straightforward as the direction of movement, with the simple mechanics while 3D games offer more possibilities to explore around.

How to earn from gaming

In today’s world if you do a work without earning money just forget your time invested. So, exactly how do you make money by making games? Which means to earn a PROFIT! Most games earn money from being bought from a store, such as an app store. The developers receive their percentage of hare decided previously. But now you will say that most of the games nowadays are free. So what is the source of their profit? So there are basically three techniques:


  1. Sell additional levels, assets or features.
  2. Sell virtual goods (such as power-ups and decorative items) as micro transactions.
  3. Sell eyeballs (incorporate advertising)

Which Countries having maximum game players and highest earnings ?

You would be surprised but yes even such types of surveys are being carried out at international level. According to an American survey it was found that on an average an American sends 15 minutes of gaming daily. The gaming industries have made a 17% increase from 2016 to 2017, which was led by Uzbekistan by 100% growth. 

Top 5 countries for he gaming revenues are: CHINA, JAPAN, GERMANY, UK and USA. USA combines the 68% of global gaming. Seeing the latest survey done in 2019 China had the highest revenue of 34,400 million US dollars, followed by USA with 31,535 million US dollars. 

This was followed by JAPAN17,715 million US dollars, KOREA 5,764millio US dollars and UK 4,731 million US dollars. These were the top six countries with huge game revenues. The revenue of India was ranked 16th with 1,105 million US dollars.

How game ads works and type of ads ?

In-game advertising (IGA) is advertising in computer and video games. IGA differs from advergames, which refers to games specifically made to advertise a product. The IGA industry is large and growing. IGA can be integrated into the game either through a display in the background, such as an in-game billboard or a commercial during the pause created when a game loads, or highly integrated within the game so that the advertised product is necessary to complete part of the game or is featured prominently within cut scenes. Below are the given types of Advertising. Look for the link for more details.

  1. Static In-Game Advertising
  2. Dynamic in-game advertising
  3. Advertising in online-only games

How to integrate ads in unity ?

Enabling advertisement and monetizing your games has been made as easy as possible with Unity.

  1. Enable Ads. in Editor.
  2. Click the switch on the right-hand side to turn Ads on, then answer a few questions about the game you are making.
  3. Add Coode to your game- Go to the Code samples tab and copy the relevant script snippets to your C# code.

here are code samples for:

  • Simple: Easy to use for simple fullscreen interstitial ads to appear between game levels).
  • Rewarded: You can use this to give your players in-game rewards such as coins, gems, points or extra lives for watching an Ad.

Hence select accordingly!



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