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Let’s start with some facts about Artificial intelligence
  • Artificial intelligence powers more than 20.4% of websites today
  • Nearly every web user has either heard, seen or used Artificial intelligence
  • Artificial intelligence development is the most sought after service today
Artificial Intelligence is not trying to take the world…. yet. But how far is it, anyway? Get your business a new leap in the industry today with Ora Infotech’s AI solutions; from developing products, catering services, to winning over clients, we can sort everything for you

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In search of AI disruptors? Knock us, happy to welcome you! Toronto's best Artificial Intelligence solutions provider. We will break the mold and set new standards for your competitions right away.

Our AI-powered solutions will help you automate your operations smoothly and efficiently. Our team will guide you in transforming your software, websites, tools into something that will make your business stronger, safer and smarter. We provide round-the-clock AI services right from consulting, solution deployment, implementation to support services in different sectors like Banking, Retail, Real estate, Digital marketing, Hospitals.

Hire a dedicated Artificial intelligence website developer from India to work on your project according to your business requirements.


Join the AI revolution: we bring cookies….and growth!

We’re the one stop solution to all your AI service requirements based in India, Canada and Usa. Join our revolution today and enjoy hands-free service of intriguing technology. It becomes a lot more interesting when we get together.



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