App DevelopmentMobile App Development Expectations V/S Reality
mobile app development expectation vs reality

Mobile App Development Expectations V/S Reality

After the successful launch and working of your website you get an idea to launch the application aka mobile app. Certainly, it will be a successful idea if you develop the app that is user friendly, attractive, interactive and handy for the clients to use. It should be such that it is compatible with almost every handset. The latest technology should support it. 

You should keep upgrading it with addition of trendy features and tech. The main thing is that the interface you provide to the user should not make them bored looking at it. 

A special attention should be given to maintenance department of the application and speculated that the customers are satisfied with their feedbacks. 

There are some thoughts that seem that making a mobile is simpler than a website and can be drawn directly from a website and many other expectations that vary from reality and are not met sets a setback in the development of the app. Let us look at some such four major myths in the development of application.

1. Turning website directly to App

Many people unaware about the development world think that the application can be directly made from the website. They think website can be converted to the mobile site and then converted to the mobile application. 

But this is not at all true as the structure of website and the mobile application is completely different. The plug-ins required varies. It should be made clear that the application develop is made to meet the need and not just to look trendy and the mobile application is not just the mobile site version of the website.

2. Development tools reduces time

There are lots and lots of tools available in the market that will help you develop your application, saying “build it in minutes”. Bu this is a complete myth. Though you take help of the tools to develop the application there you have to invest lot of time in featuring, additional coding or troubleshooting in the application. There are these services that give you templates and you can make app from it directly and quickly with all the features. 

But even with these services you need commitment and dedication that will not shorten your timeline as expected in reality. The previous and even now used development language were found difficult and time consuming but even the templates used require high amount of focus and commitment as discussed.

3. Submission

You might expect that the submission of the app is just a fraction of time work with just a click of the button, but the fact is, expect to get Rejected at you first go. There are hundreds of reasons that your app might get rejected. 

Apart from the given reasons in the app store policy there are many other reasons that they might pose in front of you when you finally submit the application. Make sure it doesn’t crash or use private APIs and do not use the client’s microphone or camera without their permission. 

Also the review of the application takes ample amount of time. So here’s a tip: make sure you adjust your timeline such that you make sure that these time is accounted in the time line you stipulate

4.Optimization on App store

63% of users search the word and find the app. It doesn’t mean that once you have submitted the app to the app store your app will be always listed on the top. 

So one of the most important tasks is to add some prime words that make your app visible on the front go. So you continuously need to optimize your application over there. So keep your ranking process high as it is cyclical, depending on the number of downloads. 

So wisely choose the prime words you add.


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