AILet’s Make Home Smart with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
smart home with artificial intelligence

Let’s Make Home Smart with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) also called machine intelligence, in contrast to the natural intelligence of humans. The machines do everything as they are designed in such a way that they just need to be ordered and then they do the work themselves.

These machines mimic the human mind and do the problem solving and learning just as the human mind. It just simplifies the human work parallel has a chance of increase of unemployment. The Artificial intelligence has almost covered every field present. It has made the life simpler and easier.

You all would have listen about smart homes. The automation concept of opening a door, controlling the lights and security system is now no more fictitious or in films. The Artificial Intelligence has made this come to reality.

The Artificial Intelligence’s best everyday example is the smart home, making more in home automation. It has made an efficient use of technology and gives a comfortable and luxurious life to the people. It saves energy.

The market for connected, or “smart,” appliances ballooned to $18.82 billion in 2017. The popularity of smart home appliances is expected to continue growing rapidly Is not it just cool to get all the things done automatically and just enjoy idling on couch with Netflix on may be with a Domino’s and a Coke!

Whenever you depart from your home if you forget to switch off the light, there is no need to worry.

The intelligence sensors of light will turn it off and even contribute to sustainability. Another example of artificial intelligence for smart home is the security system. Now you have no worry to feel petrified or be afraid of the muggers or robbers.

You have a screen installed inside the home and a mini camera attached outside that will enable you to talk with the person standing outside. It has added a safety feature to your home.

The voice control assistant plays an important role in the development of smart home. In fact it can be said that because of the voice assistant the AI has reached to great heights! It also helps to adjust the temperature of your house with just a command.

So all these feature of this new trending technology increase the productivity of your home efficiently. Can be considered damn cool! Try it once.


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