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Klarna Integration and Problems

Klarna Integration and Problems

Most happening payment gateway in Sweden, Norway, UK

What is Klarna come with?

It has Paynow Paylater feature where customers can pay in instalments.

In compare to Klarna, PayPal is a big player and Paypal charge instant where Klarna has its own later payment arrangements.

Want to know more about financial statements?

Klarna Bank AB transaction amount for January-September 2019 is available at following And it’s nearly $24bn. By weekly and month by month, New customers from retail and online requesting to register their stores with Klarna. And day by day it is increasing.

  • Consumer acquisition continues at a high pace, and by the end of September close to 15 million new consumers have been added, or more than 20 million new consumers annualised based on September run rate.
  • In the US, the number of new consumers is currently growing at an annual rate of 6 million. In the UK, 6 million consumers have used Klarna’s services, and currently over 55,000 new consumers are being added weekly.
  • In the US, the Klarna in-app shopping feature has very strong momentum, this app allowing consumers shop at any online store is resonating well since launch in May and monthly active users has grown significantly, close to 160% from July to the end of September. In October, it was the top trending shopping app on the US Google Play Store. The Klarna app is by far the most downloaded app compared to direct competitors in the US, exceeding other apps by more than 100,000 monthly downloads.
  • The Klarna card, currently available in Germany and Sweden, has reached more than 220,000 issued cards at the end of the period. The Klarna card and its in-demand features drive continued volume growth through both number of card holders and number of transactions.

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