SecurityHow to Protect the Admin Panel from Hackers?
Protect The Admin Panel From Hackers

How to Protect the Admin Panel from Hackers?

Why to Protect the Admin Panel?

The admin panel is considered to be a treasure gate for the hackers. It will then provide a high level of access to them. 

They can then control all the activity of your website from here and may even be able to insert malicious stuffs and can steal your confidential data through it that may lead to breakdown of your website. 

If you are having an e-commerce website and there are transaction being taken place on your website then you can be at great risk. It may also act as a switch between you and your clients. So you need to have a great security at these treasure gates, blocking a vast field of opportunity for them to de function your website.

Easy Ways to Hack the Admin Panel!

Attacks at the admin panel can be too vulnerable and so they should not be ignored. These attacks take place by some following ways:

  • Password crack
  • Password theft
  • Changing a user account to an admin account
  • Adding a new administrator directly into the website’s database

Let us look at each of these in detail:

1. Password Crack

The password is a very critical character. If it is not set hard it can easily be cracked buy approximations and guessing it is a simple game of probability. Yes is you would have learnt probability well in your grade 10 or 12 your will know it!

2. Password theft

Always check for an eye around you. It is a habit of people to eye drop on your screen, a mobile, tablet or your P.C. screen (We feel as if it’s our duty to care always and check for the neighbor). By this the around person can easily steal your password and then get access to your admin panel. It can also be stolen from sending a Malicious Link or Key logger Trojan to the system’s database that will take away the credentials from your system to the hacker’s system.

3. Changing user account to admin account

In modern management system you are given permission to access the account as an administrator, editor, moderator or as a guest. So this will increase the vulnerabilities in the system and increases the chances of the system to get infected. 

4. Adding a new administrator directly into the website’s database

Count this as another simple gateway for the hackers as the people can get administration rights to them. This can take place by:

  • Using vulnerabilities in the website (SQL injection)
  • Connecting to the database from neighboring website that has the same hosting.

How can you Prevent it?

1. Password crack

Te simple way to stop the password from being cracked is to use some case sensitive characters and symbols as a mixture that will make it stronger and lead to low cases of crack.

2. Password theft

  • Scan for vulnerabilities regularly
  • Never save your password in the browser
  • Update your CMS regularly

3. Changing user account to admin account

  • Regularly look for updates and install them
  • Don’t give access rights to user who are not in need and are not trusted.

4.Adding a new administrator directly into the website’s database

  • Forbidding reading rights of the data file that access the database for everyone except the owner of the website
  • Change the default names of the spreadsheets in the database
  • Install updates that will eliminate vulnerabilities in the CMS

Never under estimate the intruder. They gain all the knowledge and then attack.

Simply limit the IP address access and so the user without getting access to IP address will not be able to easily attack.

But still as always Precaution is better than cure, so always be aware and be equipped with best security services.


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