SecurityBenefits of Using a Scanner Application
Benefits of Using a Scanner Application

Benefits of Using a Scanner Application

The IOS OCR SDK is designed to extract the data from the IMAGES government certified documents and converts it to a TEXT form with very  HIGH ACCURACY that will save your time from entering the data by typing. This absolutely automated IMAGE TO TEXT app that will make things more convenient and increase the productivity.

Instead of sitting in front of your system and typing all the details why not just click photos and let the OCR do all the tedious long typing work in fraction of minutes Apart from time consuming process also this will add in the quality assessment of your work without any glitch. 

Let it be the verification of your IDs or FACE RECOGNITION or the 3-D SELFIE, we have got all covered with certified scanning, genuine and secure privacy for an absolute satisfaction of our customers! 

The typing work and using a computer attached scanner to feed in the data seems of the era that has been left miles away. The present era is of digital work. 

People nowadays choose convenience and productivity in handy mode. So here we do the same work!

Our application work for the scanning of:

  • 3-D SELFIE


With the help of this scanning application you can provide the customers with the DIGITAL IDENTITY CARDS care made that will help the citizens to carry with them with an ease.


Passport Scanner

Here the app uses your mobiles rear camera. The camera clicks the photo of the passport and converts the IMAGE to the TEXT form and your work is done!

Adharcard Scanner

With the help of the rear camera lens you click the front side photo. Then you click the back side photo and then the IMAGE is converted to TEXT! All the data is imported in your system.

License Scanner

With the help of rear camera lens clearly click the front side of the license then the back side of it. The captured IMAGE now gets converted to the TEXT with the help of application.

PAN Card Scanner

With the help of rear camera lens of you first click the front side, then the back side of the license. This IMAGE captured is converted to the TEXT.

Face Recognition

It is an important feature that is designed to recognize customer. Just with the help of the front camera the face is made fit in the area of the lens and then the face is verified with the data. It is a very useful and potential OCR for the criminal data in the governmental department.

3-D selfie

How cool it is if you get your selfie in a 3-D form! If you are a spectacles manufacturer or seller this CERTIFIED 3-D SELFIE TECHNOLOGY is the perfect technology for you. By the use of this application you can even sell your product online. The customer can set their face in the seller application’s interface and can find a perfect frame that sets their face. Yes this is what you can have with our application. Apart from this the application can also be trending on the social media platforms. For all those social media addicts, you can have special filters they can try on their face. Just keep the face in the space and a 3-D image of your face and then let them try out the filters!

This is a simple FOUR STEP process :


This feature with the help of artificial intelligence, the algorithms will see whether the person has a genuine identity or not.


The customers will upload the government issued documents that will be scanned.


The pre approved government-grade facial are used for verification. The biometrics of the facial is matched with the photo ID and is verified.


Finally when the customer passes the verification process an eID is issued.

Thus this is the complete AUTOMATED AND TIME SAVING process having best accuracy check! Our SDK is working successfully in various and developed countries like CANADA, UK, USA and INDIA.



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