Once upon a time, there was a small town named Sebring, located in the heart of Florida. It was a peaceful place where people spent their days fishing, playing golf, and enjoying the warm weather. However, something was missing in this small town. That is, until the arrival of Boomaxe.

Boomaxe was a new and exciting entertainment experience that was unlike anything the residents of Sebring had ever seen before. It was a place where people could come to throw axes, hang out with friends, and let off some steam.

As soon as the doors opened, the people of Sebring flocked to Boomaxe. They were drawn to the vibrant and energetic atmosphere, the friendly staff, and the opportunity to try their hand at a new and thrilling activity. People could choose to throw axes individually, or they could participate in group events such as birthdays, corporate team building, or even bachelorette parties.

Our Journey with Boomaxe :

At the outset, Enel approached our team with a specific request to integrate SquareUp payment system with her existing website maintenance in florida, USA. Our team of experts successfully accomplished the task, which resulted in Enel having a seamless and efficient payment system integrated into her website. This success led to Enel requesting our services for the development of a custom booking system that could cater to her unique requirements. Our team used a custom php development plan to design and develop the booking system, which allowed users to book play sessions individually or in groups. The development and successful implementation of this system added another milestone to our journey, and we are proud to have been a part of Enel’s flourishing business.

SECTOR : Development

PLATFORM : WordPress


The Result

In the end, the success of Boomaxe showed that sometimes, all it takes is a little creativity and ingenuity to make a big impact. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of its founders, Boomaxe had become a shining example of what can happen when people come together to create something truly special.


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