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Tooth Tycoon

Tooth Tycoon is a fun-learning tooth education platform was developed by ORA team. We are the top iPhone apps development agency in Canada. The app serves a simple motive; investment through fun ways. As the name suggests, it empowers to control and convince your child of a tooth’s worth in a fun manner that suits your pocket! It runs through the concept of tooth money that teaches about savings, and the magic of compound interest. Children who are in the process of losing their teeth are enrolled into this app where they earn exciting badges for daily activities, including brushing and flossing regularly. Tooth Tycoon is a huge success in the international market today.

Our Journey with Tooth Tycoon :

Our Journey with Tooth Tycoon began in 2019, with a central motive of creating Flutter mobile application development for their platform. As a top iPhone app development company in Toronto, Canada; Ora Infotech has expanded exclusive services to Tooth Tycoon, as a result, it is one of Canada’s best apps on the app store today. The journey began with a detailed proposal sent to their core team in 2019; it was reviewed and we were given a task of creating a demo at first. As per client’s past experiences, our Top management team agreed to accept demo task to avoid Trust issues and Our team of top flutter developers in India worked extensively well in this project from the beginning; it includes designing the core of the application at first, then a shift in focus with other tasks such as logo animation, tooth icon animation, tool for keeping automated teeth count, procedure of investment in teeth, tool for calculation of maturity and finally creating a window for withdrawing money from the iOS and android mobile application. The backend process of this iOS – mobile application development was carried out in Laravel website maintenance and support for the ease of client centric approach.

SECTOR : FinTech

PLATFORM : Flutter, Laravel

SERVICES : Development

01. The Challange

As the best Flutter app development company in Toronto, Canada; our responsibility is to create efficient, smooth and responsive iOS – mobile application development. However, in working closely with Tooth Tycoon team, we encountered the following challenges:

  • Trust Issue: The client has had their own bitter form of past business experiences, which is why it had severe trust issues in completely relying on mobile app development services to outsource in India. The client was reluctant to pay upfront for their iOS – mobile application development
  • To relieve the pressure and ensure productivity, the client specially requested to complete their iOS – mobile application development demo in collaboration with their core team, and in their own timezone. ORA took the challenge and worked on exciting mobile apps as it seemed.

02. The Solution

As the best flutter app development company in Toronto, we accepted the challenges in front of us and effectively collaborated with the core team of Tooth Tycoon for completing their iOS – mobile application development project within the time frame. We began the project with a constructive plan and initiated smart development and adopted Agile methodologies to cover the tasks in hand. In order to smoothly carry out the process, we first developed and stabilized the task of Tooth Tycoon mobile application development on Android as a demo.

Our team of top android app developers in Canada extensively worked on mobile application design and development, which made our demo amazing in all forms. The client was completely satisfied with the demo, and was further appalled by the advanced QA round provided. These developments in the project built a relationship of trust between our mobile app development services in Canada, USA and the client who had a ground-breaking business idea. As a result, we secured the iOS – mobile application development project and delivered the final mobile applications of Tooth Tycoon on the app stores.

03. The Result

The result of our iOS – mobile application development using Flutter and Laravel website maintenance and support is that Tooth Tycoon is a successful business today. Several business entities have granted it proper funding, and agencies across the world have recognized their platform with awards and certifications. Their outsourcing decision on development for their startup went well. We as a mobile app development agency in

India, Canada proved effective to Tooth Tycoon’s business idea and is one of the best portfolios to boast today.

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