Website DevelopmentExpectation vs Reality for Website Development
Website Development: Expectation vs Reality

Expectation vs Reality for Website Development

Website Development usually refers to the main non-design aspects of building websites: Writing Markup and Coding. Web development may use Content Management System (CMS) to make content changes easier and available with basic technical skills.

You might think that you will have to be through with different types of language and programming skills and to contradict this you would have heard that it is not at all needed.

Well that depends. But if you are through with it will definitely be an added maple syrup to your pie. Always the reality differs in ways you might think it’s an easy and simple forcing task to develop a website, well let’s look at the reality against the expectation.

We may replace this with word myth in our terminology. Let us look at the two important myths (expectations) and know the reality.

1. Time to Develop

You might have heard people emphasizing, “Build website in seconds” as they provide template websites to develop. But it completely depends on your complexity of the website. The more complex website you desire to develop the more time it takes. 

If you are clear with your views and design you want your website to shape and have all the technical savvy to navigate to multiple and suitable hosting platforms and CMS confined to zero setbacks, sure you can build your website in the desired timeline. 

The templates are limited and if you wish to design some complicated website that has some of your customized features that you would want to feature, is not listed it may be your setback. Obviously the time taken in developing the website though coding will definitely be higher but this may give you a complete fledge to add or remove any feature that you don’t want or you don’t like. 

This may take from week to years that are to be invested in your project. Decide the timeline to be stipulated accordingly as the timeline would directly affect the cost that you will be investing in it!

2. Cost to Build

You surely might have come through the tags, “Build your website for free or like under $2”. You better ask them for a bond paper at that time itself. Ask them to sign it and then you can surely build your website for free. There are certain non-negotiable charges that one has to bear for developing a website for sure such as hosting, developing, domain charges and other hidden ones. Hosting accelerates your budget with handsome amount of money. 

The other high cost is of the developing website that ranges up to $200+ per hour. This you might found is deleted in the template, but regains this charge in form of yearly or monthly rent. You also need to hire or purchase a domain for your website and after that one important thing will be to set up your email id matching your domain. 

If you are creating your website from domain, generally the standard domains that are available for free will not give you enough and satisfying customizations features so it will add a premium account cost to your balance sheet that will give you templates with customization options available. So this all will definitely add to your budget and check that it does not over cost you.


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